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The natural way to fight disease


ANVET is custom made blend of antibodies for any specie. The custom blend is made to the customer?s specifications in the type of antibody and the level of titer.
ANVET comes in powder and paste form. In powder from it is administered directly into the feed or water. In paste form is administered orally to large animals. on the recommendation of the attending veterinarian.

With modern technical innovations in immunology, we are now able to produce individual antibodies at given levels (titer) for many of the intestinal pathogens that invade young animals.
These antibodies can be blended and orally fed to insure that each animal receive an adequate oral dose. If given within a few hours after birth, the young animals can absorb these antibodies and have passive immunity. Older animals can be fed antibodies to displace pathogens from the gut.

Animals need a minimum amount of beneficial bacteria (micro-flora) in order to maintaining a normal digestion and also be protected against pathogens. Normally, when pathogens enter the intestinal tract, they tend to compete with the micro-flora in occupying inner intestinal surface (competitive exclusion). This creates an imbalance in the intestinal micro-flora reducing the dominant presence of lactic acid producing bacteria.

In this situation, natural antibodies, specific against predominant pathogens in the animal.
attach themselves to their specific their specific pathogens. In this way, the antibodies inhibit the infectious action of the pathogens, which are then excreted, thus preventing animal infection.


E.Coli k88, 987p (1024 T, F-18 256 T, Porcine Rotavirus 1024T type 1 and 2, 1024T, Coronavirus 1024T, Cryptosporidia 512T , Clostridia Perfringens 1024 T, TGE 1024 T, Salmonella Dublins 1024 T, S.thyphimorium 256 T, S enteritidis 1024 T, S. Anatum 256 T. Circovirus 512 T, PED 640, 0157, 0-141 and 64,000.


Pastes 300 gr and 30 gr plastic tubes in 25 to 50 tubes per carton box.

Powder 500 gr pouches in 20 kg carton boxes.


In paste form, vegetable oil. In powder from, maltodextrin