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Micro-encapsulated Organic Acids, Essential Oils, Enzymes And Probiotics

M-PLUS is a concentrated blend of organic acids premix and natural aromatic substances, enzymes and probiotics, protected in a special matrix of fatty acids, for its utilization as an intestinal modulator, increase of nutrient availability, increase of nutrients absorption and passive immunity.

Mode of action

M-PLUS Under its “Patent Pending” manufacturing process, has a triple mechanism of action: Controlled release of actives in the abomasum and small intestine after bypassing the rumen, intact. The release of essential oils and organic acids are directed to promote intestinal health and increase absorptive capacity. The release of enzymes are directed to make nutrients more available in the small intestine where these nutrients are better utilized. The release of “lactic acid” producing probiotics are directed to increase nutrients absorption and passive immunity by competitive exclusion.

Rate of application

Dairy Cows: 125 to 250 grams / MT of feed.

M-PLUS Characteristics:

Color: Micro-pearls White/beige off white.
Odor: Characteristic
Granulometry: 500-800 microns.


Nutritional supplement

Packaging and storage

50 kg poly-ethylene bags in export fiber drums. Store in dry cool area, under roof at ambient temperature away from direct sunlight.


  • Improvement of intestinal health.
  • Improved absorptive capacity.
  • Better nutrient utilizatipon.
  • Mortality reduction
  • More milk production
  • Savings in medical attention
  • Effective alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters.

  • All ingredients approved by (FDA) under American Association of Feed Control Officials under Official (AAFCO) No. 57.150. Publication: 1,998.