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BIOENZYMEMIZATION-OPB is a green technology developed in the environmental engineering department of AGRANCO CORP. USA. Its concept is based most importantly, in the development of an Optimum Biological Treatment for any body of water subject to organic matter discharge and in a state of environmental pollution ((human and / or animal), by means of the addition of specific micro-organism and specific enzymes (Oxynova), which combination allows to potentiate the degradation of organic matter and thus, eliminate the organic presence, in pro of impoving the quality of water.

BIOENZYMIZATION-OPB is accomplished through the biological innoccullation and colonization of probiotics (benefical bacteria) to improve the quality of the existing acquatic biomass and the addition of specific enzymes that allow to accellerate the specific biological process that occur , thus, maintaining and stimulating the purifying equilibrium of the water on its way to environmental sanitization.

The optimization of the purifying biological process (OPB) is to decrease the energy that the micro-organisms require for its maintenance and consequently, a more efficient use of the oxygen available. All this makes the vital processes flow and the use of the substarte be more efficiently used. The probiotics adapt to the system by a previous incubation and colonization process, and immidiately, when applied act by reducing through “competitve exclusion” the pathogenic micro-organisms that are to blame for disease transmitted through the water that affect animals and human alike.

BIOENZYMIZATION provides us with a natural floculation process that helps to reduce the suspended solids, clarifying the waters and improving its visual appearance.

BIOENZYMIZATION changes the pathogenic micro-biologtical profile to beneficial, giving the water other characteristics: that are protective, safe and clean.

On the other hand, the new developed bacteria do not substitute the native biomass and in selective manner, promote the biological control agents and great purifyers, among which we have: rotiphers, cilliated and crustaceans. Pargina 2 of 2. These superior micro-organism carry out an important function of “refining”, by taking as food the non-floculating bacteria and any other biological particle that has not been consumed by other bacteria.

The improvement of the system biomassa results in its conditioning to provide it great flexility in the case of treatment with large organic charges, or low biodegradabilty of the substrate. It also provides it with greater resistance to the presence of toxic compounds , inhibitors of biological processes and non-biodegradable compounds, when continuing to add neneficial bacteria that counter these contaminating process.

BIOENZYMIZATION-OPB is a last generation technology with a new ecological concept in doing treatment of water contaminated with organic matter and re-orienting the concept to minimize the use of chemical products.


1. Reduces the energy requirements.
2. Eliminate production of bad odors.
3. Decrease the volumen of sludge.
4. Improves the micro-biological profile to only beneficial.
5. Is totally natural, ecological and proven.

is the only viabable system in favor of the environment that gives ample safety,assurance and confidence that its results are environmentally friendly and is a significant grain of sand to reduce the world pollution.


Qmco. Edgar Villalba
Oxynova Technical Manager
December 13, 2010

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