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Oxynova Poultry
For poultry litter and compost

What is Oxynova Poultry?

Oxynova Poultry is a highly concentrated blend of enzymes, probiotics and organic catalysts for the treatment of poultry litter in poultry houses and for its conditioning prior to disposal as fertilizer or as high source of protein for ruminant feed.

Mode of action

Oxynova Poultry binds ammonia produced in the litter during the cycle, preventing its liberation into de environment while improving air quality for the birds. Enzymes and probiotics break down organic compounds , conditioning the compost as to be used as fertilizer. They also convert ammonia into protein conditioning the compost for ruminant feeds.

Application instructions

Mix 1 kg of Oxynova Poultry (Powder) with 499 liters of clean tap water. This results in 450 liters of Oxynova Poultry Concentrate Solution
Litter application- 750 ml of Oxynova Poultry solution per 1 SQ. Meter of litter surface.
Compost application- 4 liters of Oxynova Poultry solution per MT of compost.

Oxynova Poultry Components

ASSAY: Enzymes , Probiotics and Organic Catalysts ( Powder Concentrate)

Oxynova Poultry Application

For Ammonia control in poultry litter during the cycle and for conditioning of poultry compost for use as fertilizer and/ or as a high source of protein for ruminant feed.

Packaging and storage

1 kg aluminum pouche or 20 kg poly-lined bags in export carton boxes. Store in dry area, under roof at ambient temperature. Store inside , in dry place and away fro sunlight. Shelf life- 2 years approx.

Advantages in using Oxynova Poultry

  • Ammonia control produced in the litter during the poultry cycle, eliminating its harmful effects on the birds and improving the air quality of the poultry hose.
  • The binded ammonia is converted to protein for ruminant feeds.
  • Enzymes and Probiotics breakdown organic compounds allowing the compost for a good quality fertilizer.
  • The types of probiotics in Oxynova Poultry grow and produce additional enzymes, boosting its action of breaking down organic compounds.

Direct benefits in using Oxynova Poultry

  • Ammonia is an IMMUNO-SUPRESSANT , thus Ammonia control improves birds’ defenses
  • Ammonia damages birds’ Airsacs
  • Ammonia causes increase in respiratory disease
  • After 20 ppm concentration, Ammonia produces high stress, increasing mortality and decreasing
    Weight gain.
    Controlling Ammonia improves mortality and weight gain during the cycle.

    All ingredients approved by (FDA) under (AAFCO) No. 57.150. Publication: 1,998.