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Stabilizer of Sugarcane Juice Purity

What is Sugarex?
SUGAREX is a liquid product composed of a blend of organic compounds, designed to prevent the degradation of saccharose in the milling process, stabilizing sugar cane juice purity. SUGAREX prevents dextran formation, reduces starch levels and viscosity, increases recovery , accelerates the process and improves the quality of the final product.

Mode of action:
SUGAREX acts simultaneously in two forms: First in a biochemical way, by reducing the formation of non-crystallizable sugars in the sugar cane juice. At the same time, SUGAREX reacts with other types of undesirable sugars produced by the action of leuconostoc messenteroid , attacking its molecular structure. Second: SUGAREX acts a bactericide by destroying the cell wall of the leunostoc, disintegrating the pathogen cell and killing 100 % of the bacteria present in less than two minutes. Thus preventing new dextran formation.

Name: SUGAREX Patent: International patent pending. Color: light brown to light orange. Others: non- corrosive, non- toxic, non-flammable. Density: 1.60 gr./ml a 25 C Viscosity: 35 a 45 cps a 25 C. Presentation: liquid. Packaging: 200 kg high density poly-ethylene drums. Compatibility: Compatible with all ingredients used in sugar manufacturing processes. It does not leave any residues in the final product. It evaporates completely in the juice heating process. Ingredients: Organic acids, chlorine dioxide, buffer solution and carrier of natural origin .

Recommended rate of application:
SUGAREX is applied at the rate of 1 kg per 15 metric ton of cane, and according to the degree of contamination of in-coming cane and the milling area.

SUGAREX benefits:

  • Stabilizes sugar cane juice purity during the milling process, preventing saccharose degradation
  • Eliminates the Leuconostoc Messenteriod bacteria in less than two minutes
  • Prevents dextrans and the formation of inferior quality sugars
  • Disinfects critical points in the milling area
  • Improves and accelerates crystal formation, allowing for more brilliant and defined sugars, improving quality of final product
  • Improves polarity of sugar
  • Improves boiler house efficiency
  • Increases sugar recovery and final yield