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Vibrex can all be used on board fishing vessels with amazing results. The landed catch whether it is fish or shrimps or what ever, will be of a higher quality by using Vibrex as detailed below. If vessels have an RSW (recirculating chilled seawater) system, it has been found that they can stay out longer and still bring home a better quality catch. TVN (total volatile nitrogen) levels, which are a measure of fish degradation, are consistently less than 30. This value of 30 is significantly less than the limit of 50, the cut off for human consumption. The TVN value of 50 is normally exceeded after 5 to 7 days at sea. Using Vibrex, a vessel can often stay out more that 10 to 14 days and still bring home a catch with a TVN less than 50. This extra time allows more fish to be caught and the fish are still of a high quality on return to harbour

The smell of fish is actually the smell of decaying protein, and the greater the smell, the greater is the TVN vale.

Prior to use, the Vibrex powder which comes in 1kg aluminum packets should be thoroughly mixed with clean tap water, 1kg per 4 liters of water, in an open toped opaque container and allowed to stand for about one hour with occasional stirring/agitation. The solution can then be transferred to an air tight opaque vessel with a screw lid or similar and the life expectancy is 9 months to one year depending upon how many times the container is opened. Do not store in sunlight.

Areas of Fish Degradation (Spoiling)

There are four areas of fish degradation:
1. Immediately after harvest whilst in the RSW (recirculating chilled seawater system) or in ice on the fishing vessel when an RSW system is not used.
2. During transport in ice from the port to the factory
3. In storage in ice prior to processing
4. During processing in the factory

Fish Storage Options

When the fish or shrimps are in ice, the temperature is in fact more like 2oC to 5o C and degradation still occurs, albeit more slowly. Vessels utilising RSW systems maintain the water temperature at 0o C or lower. An RSW system on a vessel is certainly more effective at reducing fish degradation than the use of only ice.

An untreated RSW system will have residual biofilms, slime and bacteria in the system and when using Vibrex for the first time, there are two options to take account of this:

1. Flush the system with water containing Vibrex solution for say 5 to 10 hours and then dump the cleaning water. Refill and add Vibrex solution to the RSW system to be used during the fishing period.
2. Or add twice the normal quantity of Vibrex solution to the RSW system prior to the fishing vessel for the first trip only.

This extra Vibrex addition is a one off.

After the vessel returns to port, the liquid in the RSW system or ice storage tanks should be dumped. Vibrex is biodegradable and so represents no environmental problems. Each subsequent trip will only require the normal amount of Vibrex solution to be used. The normal dosage levels are detailed below.

When the fish, shrimps, etc are in ice, the temperature is in fact more like 2oC to 5o C and some degradation will still occur. A fishing vessel with an RSW system is certainly more effective in reducing degradation than one using fish storage tanks with ice.

Vibrex Dilution Levels

1. The normal dilution level for the Vibrex powder is 2kg or 10 litres of Vibrex liquid per ten cu m of storage capacity in the fishing vessel. The first time that Vibrex is used, double the above quantities will be required for once only as detailed above.
2. In ice, the dosage level would be 0.2kg of Vibrex powder or 1 litre of Vibrex liquid per tonne (one cubic metre of water) of ice on the vessel and in any storage ice.
3. In the factory process/washing water the Vibrex powder is 2kg per ten cu m of water.

ALL dilution rates for RSW systems are based on TOTAL volume of fish AND water, or total tank capacity. The ice in which the Vibrex is dissolved should be used as kibbled or crushed ice to try and ensure better contact between the fish and ice in the storage tank on the fishing vessel. Insipient melting of the ice will take place when in contact with the fish releasing Vibrex to help reduce the fish degradation.

Over dosing of Vibrex is not a problem but is a waste of product and money

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