Products that Work

Our species-specific formulations provide a natural solution to your challenges, with proven results. What sets our products apart is the multi-ingredient formulations of precisely balanced and tested components that build off each other for optimal effectiveness.

We know producers are faced with overwhelming challenges everyday. Let us be your expert partner for your nutritional, immunosuppression and waste needs.

Supported Species


Production challenges vary, and so do the solutions for each challenge.

We formulate our products intentionally, keeping the producers' needs and each species in mind. With species-specific ingredients that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation.


Optimal Performance solutions intended for everyday use to boost feed utilization and to enhance animal performance and health, while seamlessly prioritizing and optimizing sustainable healthy livestock production & animal efficiency.


Optimal Health solutions are intended for essential preventative measures ensuring consistent animal health, behavior, and performance from a number of livestock production and feed challenges that are inevitable over time.


Immune Support solutions are fast-acting boosters and therapeutic aids intended for use in the presence of early life stressors or when various production-based challenges result in immuno-suppression from diseases and other factors.


Environment Restoration solutions for routine use to accelerate the decomposition process and reduce toxic byproducts of waste across multiple industrial sectors, ranging from wastewater treatment to production waste.


Leveraging experts in academia and industry leaders in the field.

We are deeply committed to advancing the science of sustainable agriculture. Leveraging experts in academia and industry leaders in the field, we are committed to research at every level: in our own research centers, at universities and third-party labs, and through our partners' large production operations. From the lab to the field, we rigorously test and validate our product offerings that we don’t just feel good about, but are proven, too.

The goal is to harness Mother Nature’s superpowers, not hinder them.

At Agranco Corp. USA, we refrain from the idealism of a maximized process. We are strong believers that sustainable production of a high-quality food source to feed the world requires optimizing all aspects of the operation. A holistic approach, and all natural products, are key when supporting our clients in the pursuit of raising a reliable animal protein source that’s good for the environment too. - Paul Shanks, Director of Animal Feed Additives