Species-Specific Products

Our mission with our intentional formulations is to provide a natural alternative for production optimization that keeps the producer, consumer, and animal’s wellbeing in mind. What sets our products apart is the precise balance of proven ingredients that function in synergism to take the guesswork out of mixing micro-supplements, help prevent immunosuppression from mycotoxin challenges, and boost naturally occurring remediation to keep pace with demand.

  • Oxynova® is an innovative blend of beneficial bacteria, live active yeast, and specialized enzymes. Oxynova can be used in a number of different environmental restoration projects from restoring contaminated bodies of water to breaking down petroleum hydrocarbons or heavy metals in soil, aiding in the restoration of various environments.
  • Oxynova® is an innovative blend of beneficial bacteria, live active yeast, and specialized enzymes. Oxynova can be used for the treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater, reducing key parameters such as BOD, TSS, and nutrients such as NH3 and PO4, enhancing wastewater quality and environmental sustainability. It can also be utilized in composting and landfills to accelerate decomposition times and reduce odors.
  • Vitacid CQ10™ is a highly concentrated blend of organic acids, essential oils, natural vitamin C, and coenzyme Q10 for use as an additive in shrimp feeds to reduce the challenges of oxidative stress, parasites, enterobacteria, and environmental pressure to stimulate the immune system and promote efficient growth.


Production challenges vary, and so do the solutions for each challenge.

We formulate our products intentionally, keeping the producers' needs and each species in mind. With species-specific ingredients that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation.


Optimal Performance solutions intended for everyday use to boost feed utilization and to enhance animal performance and health, while seamlessly prioritizing and optimizing sustainable healthy livestock production & animal efficiency.


Optimal Health solutions are intended for essential preventative measures ensuring consistent animal health, behavior, and performance from a number of livestock production and feed challenges that are inevitable over time.


Immune Support solutions are fast-acting boosters and therapeutic aids intended for use in the presence of early life stressors or when various production-based challenges result in immuno-suppression from diseases and other factors.


Environment Restoration solutions for routine use to accelerate the decomposition process and reduce toxic byproducts of waste across multiple industrial sectors, ranging from wastewater treatment to production waste.

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