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We believe in harnessing mother nature’s superpowers to provide premium, natural solutions that optimize livestock production and support the animal’s health. We then take it one step further and provide solutions to remediate the byproducts of livestock and aquaculture production, as well as byproducts of human existence, like biowaste, hydrocarbons and algae.

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Animal Nutrition

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Waste Management


Reduce 7-day Chick Mortality

Immune Support

Save more chicks and get more value from your flock. Experience better survivability and see how our natural antibodies from the "mother hen" strengthen chick immunity and ready the gut for nutrients.


Products that work, tailored for each species.

Our intentional formulations provide a natural alternative for production optimization that keeps the producer, consumer, and animal’s wellbeing in mind.


Production challenges vary, and so do the solutions for each challenge.

We formulate our products intentionally, keeping the producers' needs and each species in mind. With species-specific ingredients that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation.


Optimal Performance solutions intended for everyday use to boost feed utilization and to enhance animal performance and health, while seamlessly prioritizing and optimizing sustainable healthy livestock production & animal efficiency.


Optimal Health solutions are intended for essential preventative measures ensuring consistent animal health, behavior, and performance from a number of livestock production and feed challenges that are inevitable over time.


Immune Support solutions are fast-acting boosters and therapeutic aids intended for use in the presence of early life stressors or when various production-based challenges result in immuno-suppression from diseases and other factors.


Environment Restoration solutions for routine use to accelerate the decomposition process and reduce toxic byproducts of waste across multiple industrial sectors, ranging from wastewater treatment to production waste.


High-quality, effective products for every farmer at attainable prices.

Our mission drives us to innovate solutions that support the needs of a growing population while aiming to reduce, improve and reverse the environmental impacts of waste from human and animal existence.

Claudia Ferrer, CEO

Our Global Reach

Agranco provides agriculture and bioremediation products and services around the world, spanning Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

Our products are developed and manufactured in the U.S. by industry experts using high-quality ingredients. With distributorships spanning the globe, we strive to ensure our products and services are available worldwide and able to support every scale of project.

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