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Oxynova® is an all-natural, USDA-certified biobased product, specifically formulated to address the unique challenges of Environmentla Bioremediation. Its hyper-concentrated blend of diverse ingredients is designed to deliver exceptional results even in small quantities, setting it apart from conventional products.

Key Challenges

Environmental remediation plays a crucial role in addressing contamination and ecological imbalances caused by human activities. Specific areas of concern include the treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons, excess nutrients, pathogens or unwanted compounds such as pesticides in our soil and bodies of water.

Soil Contamination

Pollution from agricultural and industrial sources can lead to soil contamination, with harmful substances leaching into the ground. This not only degrades soil quality but also poses risks to plant, animal, and human health.

Water Contamination

Agricultural or industrial pollution can lead to the contamination of waterways and posing a health risk to humans and aquatic organisms alike.

Regulatory and Compliance Pressures

Adhering to environmental regulations and standards in remediation processes is challenging but essential for legal compliance and ecological protection.

Cost and Resource Intensive Processes

Environmental remediation, especially for petroleum hydrocarbons, can be resource-intensive and costly, necessitating more efficient solutions.

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The ingredients in Oxynova® are all natural, making Oxynova® a certified USDA biobased product. We are proudly manufactured in the US.

...comprising 24 and 22% of landfilled and combusted municipal solid waste.

Food waste is the single most common material landfilled and incinerated in the United States, comprising 24 and 22% of landfilled and combusted municipal solid waste, respectively, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

...more than one-third of its lakes are polluted and unfit for swimming...

According to the EPA, approximately half of the US rivers and streams and more than one-third of its lakes are polluted and unfit for swimming, fishing, and drinking. Agriculutural pollution is the top source of contamination in rivers and streams

Oxynova® has been successfully used in a number of different livestock operations including swine farms, poultry farms, cattle farms, slaughter houses, and many more.

With products that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a sustainable program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation. Learn more about additional solutions to support your livestock operations.

Ingredients in Oxynova®:

Tailored for Effective Bioremediation

Oxynova® is a hyper-concentrated blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes, designed to remediate environmental systems affected by pollution. The bacteria and enzymes work in synergy to reduce contaminants in soil and water, including nutrients that lead to algal blooms, such as phosphates and nitrates and can reduce total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil resulting from oil spills. Oxynova® is an all-natural tool that can be used to biologically remediate contaminants in our ecosystems.

Unique Blend of Beneficial Microorganisms

  • Bacillus: These robust bacteria are crucial in breaking down complex organic matter, enhancing the overall quality of waste.
  • Lactobacillus: Playing a pivotal role in modulating the microbial environment, Lactobacillus contributes significantly to the reductions in pathogens present in waste systems.
  • Bifidobacteria: These bacteria specialize in decomposing waste materials, thereby improving the efficiency of waste reduction and contributing to a healthier livestock environment.

Live Active Yeast

  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Live Active Yeast that produces a myriad of enzymes to further facilitate organic matter decomposition.

Selective Enzyme Action

  • Protease: Targets and degrades excess proteins and amino acids found in that can contaminate bodies of water and increase the nutrient load.
  • Cellulase and Xylanase: These enzymes play a key role in breaking down cellulose and xylose, the two most abundant compounds in the plant cell wall.
  • Lipase: Specializes in degrading lipids from oils, this enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of oils or petroleum that can pollute soil and or water.


All Quality, No Compromises

Oxynova® is a comprehensive blend of premium ingredients that reduces or eliminates the need for many products, saving producers time and money. Take a closer look below to see how Oxynova® stacks up against the competition, both in terms of ingredients and results.

Learn more about how Oxynova® can revolutionize your environmental remediation.

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