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Oxynova® stands as a innovative solution to these pressing challenges in aquaculture. It is a carefully formulated blend of enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and live active yeast, designed to enhance the quality of water and sludge in aquaculture environments.

Key Challenges

As aquaculture production worldwide continues to increase, so do the challenges associated with it. Higher stocking densities in aquaculture systems in ponds and tanks, are leading to a range of environmental and operational problems.

Worsening Water Quality

Increased fish or shrimp populations in confined spaces results in higher amounts of waste, including ammonia and nitrites. This not only deteriorates water quality but also poses a risk to aquatic life and significantly worsens production

Sludge Accumulation

Overfeeding and excessive waste lead to the buildup of sludge on the bottom of aquaculture systems. This sludge can harbor pathogens and create anaerobic zones, detrimental to aquatic health.

Pathogen Proliferation

Crowded conditions are ideal for the spread of diseases and pathogens like Vibrio, which can devastate aquaculture populations and affect industry sustainability.

Environmental Impact

Poor water and sludge management practices in aquaculture can have broader environmental impacts, including the degradation of local aquatic ecosystems.

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The ingredients in Oxynova® are all natural, making Oxynova® a certified USDA biobased product. We are proudly manufactured in the US.

Up to $6 billion in loses each year.

Infectious microbial diseases caused by pathogens such as vibrio, cause up to $6 billion dollars in losses each year, on a global scale.

An Estimated 50-80% of nitrogen is released.

An estimated 50-80% of nitrogen in the form of uneaten feed and fecal matter is released into the environment. This leads to water contamination, harmful algal blooms, premature deaths, and significant sludge accumulation within the aquaculture system.

Oxynova® has been successfully used in a number of different aquaculture operations including lined and non lined aquaculture ponds, raceways, nurseries, hatcheries, biofloc tanks, and many more. 

With products that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation. Learn more about additional solutions to support your aquaculture operations. 

Oxynova® Ingredients

Oxynova® is a hyper-concentrated blend of different ingredients. Because of its formulation, we can apply a small quantity for a large area and still see amazing results. Unlike competitor products that rely on multiple species of Bacillus, which often compete with each other due to their similar ecological roles in the aquaculture environment, Oxynova takes a more strategic approach. Our formula includes a diverse blend of bacteria from different genera – Bacillus, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacteria. Each of these bacteria plays a unique and complementary role in the ecosystem.

Unique Blend of Beneficial Microorganisms

  • Bacillus: Known for its robustness and ability to enhance water quality by breaking down organic matter.
  • Lactobacillus: Plays a critical role in modulating the microbial environment, contributing to the overall health of aquatic species.
  • Bifidobacteria: Aids in the breakdown of waste materials, further enhancing the efficiency of sludge reduction.

Live Active Yeast

  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Live Active Yeast that produces a myriad of enzymes to further facilitate organic matter decomposition and to act as a probiotic for distinct aquaculture species

Selective Enzyme Action

To degrade superfluous proteins and amino acids found in feed and fecal matter.
Cellulase and Xylanase
To degrade cellulose and xylose two of the most common compounds in the plant cell wall, extremely abundant in fish feed.
To degrade lipids formed by oils and fats that can be found in fecal matter and fish feed.

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With species-specific ingredients that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation. Learn more about additional solutions to support your aquaculture operations.


All Quality, No Compromises

Oxynova® is a comprehensive blend of premium ingredients that reduces or eliminates the need for many products, saving producers time and money. Take a closer look below to see how Oxynova® stacks up against the competition, both in terms of ingredients and results.

Oxynova Other Bacillus Only Bioremediation Products Pesticides Water Conditioners
Enhances Water Quality
Reduces Sludge at the bottom of the pond
Kills pathogens in water and pond floor
Increases Production & Efficiency
Increases Dissolved Oxygen
Optimizes pH
No chemical byproduct
Oxynova Other Bacillus Only Bioremediation Products
Bacteria from the Bacillus Genus
Other excellent beneficial bacteria
Live Active Yeast

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