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Oxynova® stands as a innovative solution to these pressing challenges in livestock operation. It is a carefully formulated blend of enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and live active yeast, designed to decompose an array of different compounds found in livestock waste.

Key Challenges

As livestock farming intensifies, managing waste from the swine, bovine, and poultry sectors is increasingly critical. These operations produce significant amounts of wastewater, rich in nutrients and organic matter, leading to several environmental and operational challenges.

Government Regulation

Intensive production of swine and cattle produces large volumes of wastewater. Environmental regulations for this wastewater continue to become stricter and more difficult to achieve worldwide.

Pathogen Control

Wastewater or poultry litter can harbor pathogens that can infect animals if improperly handled.

Large Waste Management Costs

Managing large volumes of wastewater or poultry litter is costly and labor intensive, impacting the sustainability and profitability of farming operations.

Ammonia Emissions

Volatization of ammonia in poultry litter can negatively affect bird health and production.

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The ingredients in Oxynova® are all natural, making Oxynova® a certified USDA biobased product. We are proudly manufactured in the US.

High ammonia concentrations decrease bird weights by up to 0.50 lbs.

High ammonia concentrations, of 50 ppm, can lead to significant losses in poultry production. Such environmental conditions can decrease bird weights by up to 0.50 lbs and increase feed conversion ratios by 8 points. Failing to properly manage ammonia levels can lead to significant losses.

Dairy cattle produce more than 8 times the waste.

On average, swine and dairy cattle produce more than 8 times the waste than the average person, presenting a significant challenge for environmental management and water quality protection.

Oxynova® has been successfully used in a number of different livestock operations including swine farms, poultry farms, cattle farms, slaughter houses, and many more.

With products that are scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a sustainable program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation. Learn more about additional solutions to support your livestock operations.

Oxynova® Ingredients

Oxynova® is a hyper-concentrated blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes, tailored to tackle the challenges of livestock waste. The carefully selected ingredients in Oxynova® work in harmony, breaking down organic matter found in livestock waste. This powerful synergy means that just a small dose of Oxynova® is remarkably effective in treating wastewater from swine and cattle operations in order to meet any environmental regulations. Furthermore, it excels in managing ammonia levels and pathogens in poultry litter, proving that a little goes a long way towards maintaining a healthier environment for livestock operations.

Unique Blend of Beneficial Microorganisms

  • Bacillus: These robust bacteria are crucial in breaking down complex organic matter in livestock waste, enhancing the overall quality of waste management systems.
  • Lactobacillus: Playing a pivotal role in modulating the microbial environment, Lactobacillus contributes significantly to the health and wellbeing of livestock by maintaining a balanced microbial ecosystem.
  • Bifidobacteria: These bacteria specialize in decomposing waste materials, thereby improving the efficiency of waste reduction and contributing to a healthier livestock environment.

Live Active Yeast

  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Live Active Yeast that produces a myriad of enzymes to further facilitate organic matter decomposition.

Selective Enzyme Action

  • Protease: Targets and degrades excess proteins and amino acids found in feed residues and fecal matter, crucial for maintaining a balanced nitrogen cycle in waste management systems.
  • Cellulase and Xylanase: These enzymes play a key role in breaking down cellulose and xylose, which are prevalent in livestock feed, aiding in the efficient decomposition of feed residues.
  • Lipase: Specializes in degrading lipids from oils and fats present in livestock waste, crucial for reducing fat buildup and improving waste consistency.

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Scientifically balanced to target key issues, our products are designed as part of a species program, ensuring Agranco's commitment to supporting your individual operation. Learn more about additional solutions to support your livestock operations.


All Quality, No Compromises

Oxynova® is a comprehensive blend of premium ingredients that reduces or eliminates the need for many products, saving producers time and money. Take a closer look below to see how Oxynova® stacks up against the competition, both in terms of ingredients and results.

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